Internship Requirements:

The CIVITAS internship program links the academic curriculum to "real-life" experiences in the community.  It is an extended learning opportunity requiring 75 hours of participation with a mentor, after school or during school breaks. Students are in attendance for educational purposes only, and are not considered employees.


This is the chance for CIVITAS students to explore a specific field that they are interested in.  Ideally, their internship will inspire their CIVITAS senior project.

Examples of Past Internships:

In the past students have done internships in a wide variety of fields.  Some of these fields include economics, government, environment, and health. More specific examples include (but definitely are not limited to) internships with the Mayor's Office, State Congressman, and the Alzheimer's Association.  


Unsure of where you want to complete your internship?  That is okay!  Not only do you have a couple of years to figure it out, but CIVITAS also has an Interest Survey that you complete in your sophomore year designed to pair you with one of the program's many internship connections.