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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be in band, sports, student government, etc?

Yes, CIVITAS will not interfere with any of these activities, but will require students to be well organized and establish priorities for the use of their time. 

Will CIVITAS help me get into college?

For college admissions, the most important factors seem to be grades and test scores. Admissions officers look at the whole student and appreciate well-rounded applicants.  CIVITAS gives you the advantage when applying for colleges by completing additional courses with a specialized curriculum, community service-learning hours, an internship, and a senior advocacy project that would be a positive addition to any student’s profile.

Do interns get paid for their work?

CIVITAS internships are unpaid positions, but several students have been offered paying jobs after completing their internships. Income earned during internships must be directed to the student's senior project.

Do CIVITAS students get something special when they graduate?

During Senior Awards Night in May, CIVITAS students are presented a white graduation cord to distinguish them as CIVITAS scholars during their graduation ceremony. And, starting in 2021, students will receive a Seal of Civic Engagement.

Can students join CIVITAS during their junior year?

No, the latest students can join the Academy is during their sophomore year. Making up the missed classes and completing the 100 hours of volunteer service before the internship process starts would be too challenging and time consuming.

Do you have to love politics to be in CIVITAS?

CIVITAS is a political studies AND public service academy.  So, the answer is yes and no.  Students don’t need to be passionate about politics; however, they must be open to learning about politics and volunteering for political organizations and campaigns.  Politics is a primary focus of the Academy, but it’s not the only area of focus. 

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