Senior Projects

What is a Senior Project:

During the final year in the program, students must complete a Senior Project.  The purpose of the Senior Project is for students to showcase what they have learned throughout their time in the program.  The Senior Project is a designed to be a gift back to the community, with an advocacy focus.  Students must present their project to a panel of CIVITAS parents and other community members in the spring of their senior year.

Past Examples of Senior Projects:

Students have completed Senior Projects in a variety of different fields. A few examples of these fields are Mental Health Awareness, Voter Outreach, and Environmental cleanup.

Links to a few past project presentation videos:

​Voter Turnout (2017)

Traumatic Brain Injury (2017)

Youth Health and Civic Engagement  (2017)

KCRA video on Rio Americano's Mock Election Senior Project (2012)

Greer Elementary School PBIS Project (2018)