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About the Program

The Courses:

The CIVITAS program exposes students to a curriculum that they otherwise would not get in their regular high school schedule.  This curriculum comes in the form of five semester-long courses over the course of their first three years. 


Students take Introduction to Political Science and State and Local Government during their freshman year.  In sophomore year they will take International Relations and Speech and Communications. The last course students must take is Philosophy, and most students pair it with the economics graduation requirement.

Most students will take the course outlined above, students may take the courses at a different grade level that best fits their scheduleThe only requirement is that students have to take the courses in order. 

Community Service:

CIVITAS requires students to complete 100 hours of community service hours before the start of their second semester of junior year.  Students must also track and report their hours, as CIVITAS has a master record.  This record is incredibly useful when it comes time to apply, not only to college, but also, jobs.


During the last part of junior year and the summer before their senior year,  students must complete a 75-hour internship of their choosing. Internships can either be political or community-based.  For more information, see the internship section of this website.

Senior Projects:

As a final presentation of what they have learned throughout their time in the program, CIVITAS students must complete a senior project during their last year in high school.  In May of their senior year, students will give one final presentation about their journey through CIVITAS. For more information and past examples, see the senior project section of this website.

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